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A Visual Effects Artist and Digital Compositor, my first job after Vancouver Film School was working FX and Comp on an animated feature at Rainmaker Entertainment, which led me to a contract at MPC on “Man of Steel” before traveling to Portland, OR to work on NBC's GRIMM. I was with the show for three and a half seasons and enjoyed it immensely. From there, I had the opportunity to move to San Francisco to work on "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story." Since moving to NYC in 2018, I've worked with Brainstorm and gone on to take lead and supervisory roles at Break/Enter and Zoic Which is where I've really thrived.  


I love the VFX industry and have always aspired to work on inspiring projects. I love the magic we create on a daily basis. My goal is to become a full-time VFX Supe and ultimately produce my own horror feature one day. 

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